EA Sports FC 24 Golazo Team 2: Leaked Players, Release Date

The Golazo promo returns for a second week in EA Sports FC 24.

Last week, EA Sports FC 24 introduced the Golazo promotion into Ultimate Team mode. Unlike most promos, this one included no modern-day players, instead focusing on the Heroes and Icons from the sport's long history. The first team included players like Johan Cruyff, Bobby Charlton, Cafu, David Ginola, and several more top stars from the past. Now leakers have revealed that EA Sports FC 24 players are getting a second Golazo squad, featuring even more fan-favorites. Below, you'll find a full list of the leaked players and a breakdown of the expected release date for Golazo Team 2 in EA Sports FC 24.

EAFC Golazo Team 2 Leaked Players

These leaks come from FUT Sheriff and AsyFutTrader on Twitter. The two accounts have built up a solid reputation in the EA Sports FC 24 community during the last few years. Of course, you'll still want to take these leaks with a hefty grain of salt. Sheriff, in particular, is generally solid but has had a few mishaps over the years, so don't assume anything. It's also worth noting that it appears this promo will be heavily focused on Icons and Heroes. As of this writing, the leakers believe the Golazo team won't include any modern players, but that could change in the coming days. Here are the currently leaked players:

Leaked Golazo Icons

  • Jairzinho – Brazil
  • Eric Cantona – France
  • Roberto Carlos – Brazil
  • Nemanja Vidic – Serbia

Leaked Golazo Heroes

  • Tomas Rosicky – Czech Republic

As always, more players will be leaked over the next few days and we'll keep this list as up-to-date as possible. Remember, last week we got 15 players as part of Golazo Team 1, so we'll likely get a similar number this week. In fact, AsyFutTrader already announced on Twitter that there will be one more Brazilian Icon in addition to Jairzinho and Roberto Carlos announced in the coming days. Last week, we already got a new version of Cafu, so we might see a heavy-hitter like Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Garrincha, or Zico announced. 

On top of that, the EA Sports FC 24 will likely hold back a few players for Squad-Building Challenges and objectives. Those sometimes leak, but EA is often able to keep a lid on non-pack players until the day before they're released. To that end, EA might have a few surprises in store.

EA Sports FC 24 Golazo Team 2 Start Date

The Golazo Team 2 promo will start on April 5th at 1 p.m. ET. That's when the first Golazo team leaves the game and generally when EA starts new promos in Ultimate Team. As it does most weeks, Electronic Arts will likely drop a new loading screen in the coming days letting us know when to expect the promo and a hint of who might be coming.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms.