EA Sports FC 24 Pro Clubs Finally Adds Cross-Play Support

After years of fans asking, EA Sports FC 24 will finally have cross-play in Pro Clubs.

EA Sports FC 24 is in the thick of its hype cycle with its September 29 (September 22 if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition) release date. The team at Electronic Arts has already given fans an early look at gameplay and Ultimate Team, but today they had a treat to share with Pro Clubs fans. After years of fans begging EA to make the mode cross-play, the developers have delivered, while implementing a new progression system that should help keep players and their teammates engaged for the long haul.

EA Sports FC 24 players have had access to cross-play in other modes like Ultimate Team in past versions of FIFA, but it's never been something the team was able to get working in Pro Clubs until now. It does come with restrictions, though. The feature is generation-specific, meaning PlayStation 4 players can't play with Xbox Series X players. That said, this is something the community has wanted for a while now, and, considering how social the mode is, it makes almost too much sense to add it.

Pro Clubs has also been broken up into seasons, meaning that you and your team will start off in the league phase, move onto promotion, and then close it out with playoffs. Throughout all this, you'll be earning rewards specific to the season and leveling up your pro. However, there is a big change because relegation as it used to happen is no longer a thing. Instead of being demoted for losing, you'll always be gaining progress and then are reset at the start of the next season. That might be annoying for more competitive players, but it should mean that players are able to earn more rewards to outfit their stadium.

The team is also introducing a new way to improve your Club through fans, which essentially functions as a way for you and your team to grind through ranks until you're playing in front of a massive stadium. It's a neat way to make simple cosmetic changes feel like they're a part of something bigger. In short, if you're a Pro Clubs player, EA Sports FC 24 is bringing some solid additions to your preferred game mode on September 29, most notably the all-important cross-play.