Elden Ring Gets Remade as Game Boy Game

Elden Ring has been remade in the style of a Game Boy game courtesy of a very creative fan. Elden Ring is the biggest game of 2022 thus far. After an extended hype cycle, the usage of Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin's name in the marketing, the increasing love for the Souls genre, Elden Ring was this massive hit. It managed to dominate the talk of the gaming industry despite the long-awaited releases of Horizon: Forbidden West and Dying Light 2 arriving at the exact same time. It's hard to say anyone could've guessed that Elden Ring would have been as big as it was, but it has taken the Souls genre into the mainstream and made it something that very few people thought was even possible.

Now, people are putting all kinds of clever spins on the game. The Elden Ring Game Boy demake from Shin captures the essence of the beloved FromSoftware game but with a Game Boy twist. The game has been turned into a top-down adventure and streamlines the general story into a fun stylized adventure. The game even features a number of iconic characters and locations from the game, so it feels extra authentic. Of course, this is a Souls game, so rolling is still critical to victory in this version, but obviously it is a bit less intense than the gory, overly dramatic gameplay of the real Elden Ring. Despite looking like a game from the 90s, there are also places to save just like in the original game, so players don't have to worry about starting over from scratch if they receive a fatal blow. 

If you want to try it for yourself, you can click here to play it on PC. It seems likely more and more fans will find their own creative ways to remake Elden Ring as time goes on. As many already know, another fan made a kart racing version of Bloodborne, so Souls fans love to find new ways to expand the worlds created by FromSoftware.

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[H/T PCGamesN]