'Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind' Cosplayer Absolutely Nailed This Dagoth Ur Cosplay

Cosplay offers fans a unique way to pay respects to the characters and game creators that they [...]

Cosplay offers fans a unique way to pay respects to the characters and game creators that they love so much. Whether it's an exact replica of the in-game counterpart, or a unique interpretation of a beloved character, cosplay opens up an entire world of community for gamers, movie lovers and comic fans.

It makes sense then that cosplay is a big part of The Elder Scrolls franchise — specifically, the Oblivion entry. It's no surprise that these talented cosplayers should take to Tamriel through their craft. Though we've seen some amazing projects, this Dagoth Ur cosplay was too good to not share.

The cosplayer in question goes by Valara, "TheWhiteDemon10." She has an amazing portfolio to her name, many of which can be found on her Facebook page right here. Check out some of her stunning Morrowind cosplay and in the photoset below:

You can also find this stunning cosplayer over on her WorldCosplay page right here where you can follow her, rate up her pictures and support all of her most recent projects!

For those who might be unfamiliar with Morrowind and its haracters, the official Wiki describes Dagoth Ur as the main antagonist of the game. Previously known as Voryn Dagoth when they were alive, Vivec even called them The Sharmant. They were powerful and had a tumultuous history.

According to the Wiki, "In 2E 882, the Tribunal journeyed to Red Mountain to renew their god-like powers. However, by that time, Dagoth Ur and his House had been reborn in new bodies that more than matched the Tribunal's power. Unable to enter the Red Mountain to renew their powers, the Tribunal grew weaker while Dagoth Ur grew more powerful as a result of being exposed to the Heart for so long."

"During this time, Almalexia and Sotha Sil, in a vain attempt to regain their powers, lost Keening and Sunder to Dagoth Odros and Dagoth Vemyn, only surviving after Vivec saved them. Dagoth Ur began to spread the Blight and Corprus diseases by powerful and unnatural ash storms from Red Mountain, beginning a complex plan to conquer Morrowind and all of Tamriel with the second Numidium, Akulakhan," the page adds.

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