Epic Games Store Now Shows Most Played, Wishlisted Games

The Epic Games Store appears to have quietly gotten an update that may help people decide what to play next if they're looking for something new. On the storefront's home page, those browsing the available games can now see titles categorized by a couple of different metrics including "Most Played" and "Top Upcoming Wishlisted" among other options. This new categorizing feature also seems to play off of the player ratings added previously.

To see the updated storefront, all you have to do is head to the Epic Games Store's homepage and look beneath the lineup of this week's free games and the free games to come soon. Archived versions of this page showed that as recently as Wednesday of this week, the three columns shown on the front page were for "New Releases," "Top Sellers," and "Coming Soon." Now, there are six columns in total with three more added for "Most Played," "Top Upcoming Wishlisted," and Top Player Rated."  ResetEra user Ryuichi Naruhodo was the first to notice this change.

The list of the most-played games is unsurprisingly dominated by Fortnite given how the Epic Games Store is the way for PC users to play the game. Trailing behind it are Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, Rocket League, Fall Guys, and Genshin Impact in that order, in case you were wondering what people gravitate most to on the Epic Games Store.

Over in the list of the games that people have been wishlisting most, we have Hogwarts Legacy heading up that column which shouldn't be terribly surprising to anyone who's been keeping up with the game. Goat Simulator 3 and the new Lord of the Rings game Return to Moira follow it.


In the "Top Player Rated" section, we've got some interesting results compared to the games listed in the other columns. Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition is currently the best-reviewed game on the platform, according to that list, with Hades, Celeste, The End is Nigh, and The Walking Dead: Season Two following afterwards.  With the way these player ratings (review scores, basically) are implemented, players randomly get asked how they feel about a game after putting in a set amount of hours into it.

That's supposed to cut back on review bombing, but in this case, it does make it a bit harder to tell how players feel about different games seeing how the randomness means that a die-hard Celeste fan may never get asked about the game. It's still useful for browsing games, and the games listed there have excellent reviews outside of the Epic Games Store, too, but it's still interesting to see how the random review feature has been employed here.