Epic Games Store Giving Away NBA 2K21 for Free

Epic Games unveiled its newest free game offering this week, and as expected, it’s indeed a [...]

Epic Games unveiled its newest free game offering this week, and as expected, it's indeed a notable one. NBA 2K21 is being given away for free for the next couple of days with the offer live now for a week before it ends on May 27th. The basketball game will be replaced with a different title after that, so be sure to grab it while it's free if you want it before it's gone.

The popularity of the free game for this week through the Epic Games Store was first hinted at whenever Epic Games didn't reveal right away what the free game would be. It was marketed as a "Mystery Game" which has historically meant that it was a AAA game worth making an Epic Games account for if you didn't have it already. Past games teased as mystery titles included Grand Theft Auto V and Civilization VI with the most recent NBA game now joining those ranks.

To get the game, all you have to do is head to the Epic Games Store and download it. You'll need an account there of course, and it's only going to be playable through that storefront, so keep that in mind if you're planning to download it. NBA 2K21 goes on sale occasionally but still carries the premium $59.99 tag when it's not discounted, so that's quite a bit saved if you get it through Epic Games. The game also gets updates pretty regularly, so it's being kept up with well enough to address problems players may have as they pop up.

"Free" is always a great price for any game, especially one like NBA 2K21, but it's expected to some degree that this game will become more available now and in the coming months outside of just being up for purchase. It was added to Xbox Game Pass not long ago and has gotten free weekends since then, too. There should be a new NBA 2K game released this year just like we've seen every year recently, so it makes sense that this game would start becoming more accessible in those ways.

This giveaway is also part of a larger event going on now, the "Epic Mega Sale." That event is exactly what it sounds like with coupons, discounts, and other incentives live in the marketplace now.