NBA 2K21 Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft and 2K announced this week that NBA 2K21, the latest in the annual installations of NBA games, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon. It’ll be available on March 4th for Xbox Game Pass members on consoles as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members to play through cloud gaming, though there was no mention of the offer being extended to the PC version of Xbox Game Pass.

NBA 2K21 on Xbox Game Pass will come with all the modes included and no restrictions, so it’ll be fully available for anyone with a subscription to play if you just want to try it our or if you’ve fallen off and haven’t been playing in a while. The announcement for the Xbox Game Pass addition touted some of the game’s features like the MyTeam mode and its included Seasons and Heroes challenges that’ll walk players through iconic moments in NBA history.

“The MyTeam mode is always evolving, whether it be through new cards that change the meta or new content that provides exciting rewards,a’ a preview of the MyTeam mode read. “Xbox Game Pass members who join MyTeam today will find that Season 5 – Age of Heroes is underway, where your team of superstars from the modern age or the golden age of the NBA await. Assemble your squad and unleash their powers.”

The addition of NBA 2K21 comes conspicuously at a time when Xbox Game Pass just got another of the sports staples that release every year. Following an announcement from earlier in February, Madden NFL 21 is now available in certain versions of Xbox Game Pass thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with Electronic Arts. Madden NFL 21 was added to EA Play, a subscription that’s included in both the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC versions of Xbox Game Pass. That means that if you’ve got either of those, you can now play the game at no extra cost, though unlike NBA 2K21, it’s not available in the base Xbox Game Pass console membership.

Through the same deal that select Xbox Game Pass members got Madden NFL 21, they’ll also be getting a relatively new Star Wars game for those interested.


NBA 2K21 will be added to the Xbox Game Pass service starting on March 4th. Xbox Game Pass subscription options are available here on Amazon.

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