Epic Games Teases Free "Mystery Game" for Next Week

Epic Games is giving another free game this week just as it does pretty much every week, but the thing that’s caught the attention of people isn’t the one that’s available now – it’s the one that’s coming next. What that game is, we don’t yet know, but that’s why it’s an enticing offer. It’s labeled as a “Mystery Game” which, historically, has been a temporary mask given to big, AAA games before they were given away for free.

You’ll find the next game being given away by the Epic Games Store listed on the site just like past free games have been. It’s right in line behind The Lion’s Song which is free now until May 20th. At that time, it’ll be replaced by the newcomer.

As curious minds may want to know, some asked what sorts of games were previously available as “Mystery Games” through Epic Games’ giveaways. One person asked and got a response from Twitter user and deal-finder Wario64 who shared a list of some of the past titles that were marketed in this way. With games like Grand Theft Auto V and a Borderlands collection given away in this manner, the Mystery Game for next week is in good company.

While we wait to learn what that game will be, you can check out The Lion’s Song for free for the next week. A preview of the game from Epic Games shared some insights into what you’ll be getting yourself into when you claim the free title.


The Lion’s Song is set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria with every episode following a different character,” Epic Games’ preview of the game said. “Each character possesses an exceptional mind & the game draws players into a story of personal struggle for creativity, human connections & inspiration: a talented composer suffering from writer's block before her breakthrough concert, an up-and-coming painter growing through his challenges & a brilliant mathematician trying to make her voice heard in a men's world. The choices players make ultimately determine if the protagonists find the success they are working for.”

The Mystery Game from the Epic Games Store will be available for free next week, so check back then if not before to find out what it’ll be and if it’ll live up to the hype.