Fable Fortune Is Shutting Down

Fable Fortune, the card game set in the Fable universe that's made Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl Studios, is shutting down next month. An announcement shared by the pair recently confirmed that time with the game will come to an end on March 4th when the servers are shut down and the game becomes unplayable. Some features have already been turned off by the creators in preparation for this event taking place a month from now.

The closure of Fable Fortune was announced in a post on the game's site which had been relatively devoid of new info before the announcement. After 30 seasons of Fable card game content, the creators said the "adventures are coming to an end." All Fable Fortune servers will officially be shut down on March 4th.

In preparation for that date, the creators have gone ahead and disabled the in-game store. This means players can no longer buy any card packs from the marketplace, but you can open any packs you have in your inventory, at least until next month when the game shuts down.

"The in game store is now disabled which means you will no longer be able to purchase card packs," If you have any outstanding card packs in your inventory, you will still be able to open them throughout the remainder of January, February and March until the game closes down."

News on the Fable Fortune front has been quiet as of late with the game's site lacking any news updates for quite a while now. The most recent post behind the announcement about the shut down was shared on August 1, 2018, and the game's Steam page was no better. That same date also marks the last interactions from the game's Twitter account when information about the game's third season was shared.

The game's end will be disappointing to any Fable fans who have enjoyed it over the past few years, but you've at least still got a month be fore the adventure officially ends. It's on the Xbox One and Steam if you'd like to squeeze in a few more matches before the servers officially shut down.