Fall Guys Creators Explain How Squads Mode Works

Fall Guys will finally get its Squads mode in Season 4, and ahead of the release of the next [...]

Fall Guys will finally get its Squads mode in Season 4, and ahead of the release of the next season, we've now gotten a better idea of how that feature will work. Through this Squads mode, players will be able to unite with one another in teams of four to better their chances at avoiding eliminations while also increasing their odds at coming away with some Crowns to spend on the Season 4 skins.

Joe Walsh, the lead game designer working on Fall Guys, broke down the differences between the Squads mode and the normal playlists players are used to in an interview with IGN. Walsh explained that players will either be able to group up as a pre-made squad of four players or can join the Squads mode by themselves to be matched up with teammates before taking on the obstacle courses.

One key difference between Squads and the normal Fall Guys experience is that an elimination doesn't necessarily mean you're out of the running for a Crown. If you get eliminated in a Round but your other three teammates do well enough to make your team qualify, you too will move onto the next Round. Players earn points based on their individual performances with those points being put towards the team's Squad Score. Teams with the lowest Squad Scores get eliminated.

"The way it works is that you gain points for crossing the line, and if you come first, you win 60 points. If you come last, you win one point, and we eliminate the worst teams who have the lowest point scoring total."

Walsh said this kind of point system can lead to interesting and strategic moments. Players trailing behind their teammates may opt to sabotage others instead of trying to secure a decent spot in the race, for example. This system also creates a "respawn" safety net of sorts by allowing players to continue through what would normally be an elimination. There's definitely a possibility players will get carried through Squads matches, but Walsh said that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Once Squads is added in Season 4, it'll be kept around for two weeks to start. Community opinions will shape the future of Squads after that. Walsh also said that the developers are still in the process of figuring out what the Crown economy of the Squads mode will look like and are entertaining the idea of "Crown Shards."

Fall Guys Season 4 is scheduled to begin on March 22nd.