Fall Guys Update Launches Limited-Time Fall Festival Event

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic launched a new event this week called the "Fall Festival," a limited-time celebration that comes with new rewards for players to earn before the event concludes. Headlining the new Autumn-themed cosmetics is the Lion Dance costume which players can earn by completing a mini battle pass of sorts that's only live for the duration of the event. The only catch here is that players have to be participating in the game's Squads mode through the event's Squad Celebration Show in order to accrue points towards these cosmetics and other rewards.

The new Fall Guys event is live as of September 21st and will be available from then until September 28th. The trailer released back when the event was initially announced can be seen below. Fall Guys' individual rounds aren't any different this time during the event, but you can see what the new cosmetics look like in-game.

"The festivities begin September 21 with the Squad Celebration Show!" Mediatonic said about the event previously. "Face off as a four in Squads mode for non-stop tactical team action—win together, or it's a collaborative trip to the slime. This Show is the perfect place to rack up Challenge Points for the Fall Festival Limited Time Event, featuring an exclusive Lion Dance costume and plenty more besides."

The same trailer offers a preview of the challenges that players have to complete in order to unlock all of the event's loot. There are six challenges in total worth 100 points each, and the challenges consist of doing things like owning a tail or staying in the air for a certain amount of time while other challenges task players for qualifying different ways as a Squad.

Below is a list of everything that you'll earn by completing those challenges via the Squad Celebration Show as well as the required amount of points to unlock the items.

  • Mooncakes' Pattern - 100 points
  • 300 Kudos - 200 points
  • 'Lion Dance' Costume (lower) - 300 points
  • 'Lion Dance' Costume (upper) - 400 points
  • 600 Kudos - 500 points
  • 'Fall Festival Fanatic' Nickname - 600 points

Fall Guys' Fall Festival event is live from now until September 28th with the rewards above available to claim during that timeframe assuming players can amass enough points to do so. You can also pick up some Kena: Bridge of Spirits cosmetics from the in-game shop to dress up for the event if you've got enough Crowns to purchase them.