Fall Guys Update Apparently Leaked Source Code on Accident

Fall Guys is filled with stumbles and slip-ups in its many obstacle courses, but it seems the game [...]

Fall Guys is filled with stumbles and slip-ups in its many obstacle courses, but it seems the game itself was host to a different kind of blunder this week when the game's source code was apparently released accidentally in an update. People spotted a folder included in the game's files this week which was partially named "ButDontShipItWithYourGame," and upon closer inspection of the folder, it appears it was in some form the game's source code.

Developer and SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik pointed out the apparent mishap on Twitter this week with a link to the game's SteamDB page for the last update. Sure enough, the update was filled with references to a directory titled "FallGuys_client_BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame."

It didn't stay there for long, however, at least not for long after it was noticed. Another update noted through Steam DB made soon after the accidental release started gaining traction showed that the folders related to the name above had been removed from the game.

Players who noticed the change as well saw the "ButDontShipItWithYourGame" files listed in the game's directory after the update was finished downloading. Peeking into the folder showed that it had 728 files in it, according to one person on Reddit who found it. They showed a more detailed look at what was inside the folder, and while they pointed out that the contents in that part of the update weren't exactly the game's original source code, it's evident both from the name of the files and the swiftness of the deletion that these things weren't supposed to be released at all.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has not yet commented on the apparent source code leak, so it's unclear exactly what went wrong here to see these files added to the final version of the update. Though the files weren't available for long before they were removed again, it's similarly unclear what, if any, ramifications we'll see should sensitive data have fallen into the wrong hands.

In more cheerful Fall Guys news, the game's recent update allowed players across different platforms to become more connected thanks to cross-play changes. The same courtesy will presumably be extended to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions whenever they're released, but those both have been delayed with no release timeframe given at this time.