Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Gets Even Better With Dynamic Weather

Our assets team have continued work on many smaller objects that we hope you'll soon be able to [...]

fallout 4 new vegas 2
(Photo: Fallout 4 New Vegas)

The mod bringing New Vegas into Fallout 4 is well underway, and with each update the fan-made expansion looks even better. By using the Fallout 4 Creation Engine, the New Vegas implementation continues to look more stunning than any of us could have hoped for.

The latest update from the modding site gives not only fresh insight into the varied weather system, but also comes baring a few new screenshots to show off that dynamicm as well! Here's what modder Metamoth had to say about the Sin City recreation:

fallout 4 new vegas 1
(Photo: Fallout 4 New Vegas)

"This week's efforts have been steady and focused on getting some key worldspace assets in-game and further polishing the areas in and around our current milestone target, Goodsprings. Efforts to start setting key standards and stylistic have been underway, and we've been taking full advantage of the weather system in Fallout 4 to create some varied lighting that really helps to make the world feel much more like one with an ever-changing atmosphere. This week's worldspace screenshots feature some weathers by project lead LD spacetimebender, and they really help to showcase the varied feel locations can and will have in F4NV. Work has also continued on cluttering and detailing the world, and some initial forays into getting worldspace work done a little farther afield have started to bear fruit, and we soon hope to start showing off progress on those areas as we get to them!

Fallout 4 new vegas 3
(Photo: Fallout 4 New Vegas)

Our assets team have continued work on many smaller objects that we hope you'll soon be able to see in-game, with a primary focus at this point in time on planning for the future. Assets that will be helpful in future areas are being prioritized, and as a result much of the smaller clutter unique to New Vegas or Fallout 3 that never made the leap to Fallout 4 are one of our current focuses."

To learn more about the project, or even join yourself, you can check out their official site right here!