Fallout 76 Characters and Progress Will Carry Over to Steam Version

Fallout 76 is releasing on Steam in the next few months which means a fresh wave of players will likely be populating the game as it comes to their preferred platform. It also helps that this date coincides with the release of the Wastelanders update, a massive overhaul that adds NPCs and other interesting features to the game. For those who have invested serious time into their characters through Bethesda's launcher and are worried about leaving them behind, you're in luck. Bethesda confirmed this week that characters, progress, and nearly everything else will be carried over from Bethesda's launcher to the Steam version if players choose to play there.

The Steam question and many more were answered in an FAQ that addressed some of the top questions asked since the Wastelanders and Steam release date was announced last week. One of the most-asked questions about the Steam release was whether people would be able to carry their progress over or not, and Bethesda said that they would.

"Yes. We know you've put a lot of time and effort into completing quests, finding the perfect gear, and making your character uniquely you," Bethesda said. "Your characters, progress, and items will all be available to you whether you play Fallout 76 through the Bethesda.net launcher or Steam."

Fallout 76 does not currently allow players to transfer characters and progress from one platform to another – from the PlayStation 4 to the PC, for example – and judging from the wording of this message, that's not changing. Progress will be carried over from one PC launcher to the other, but apparently not between consoles and PC.

Characters and their progress will carry over to Steam, but that doesn't mean everything else will. Bethesda's next answer addressed a question about Atoms, the in-game currency, and Fallout 1st, the membership that grants players private worlds and bottomless scrapboxes and was also torn apart by the community. Neither of those parts of Fallout 76 will carry over to Steam.

"No. Your Atom balance and Fallout 1st membership on one platform will not transfer when you play on the other," Bethesda confirmed. "However, any items you unlock in the Atomic Shop will be available to you through Steam or the Bethesda.net launcher."

You'll also need to have a Bethesda.net account to play on Steam, but many people who've been interested in Fallout 76 probably already have one of those anyway. If not, it's a quick sign-up process, and then you're ready to play.


Fallout 76 and its big Wastelanders update come to Steam on April 7th.