Fallout 76 Players Get Two Events to Close Out the Month

Fallout 76 is closing the month out strong with two different events for players to take part in during the last few weeks of May and into the start of June. Those events are the Treasure Hunter Mole Miners hunting event and the Fasnacht Parade Seasonal Event that are going live in that order. The first of those is already active in the game now and was actually just recently extended to give players more time to participate, and the second of the two events will start early next week and will continue into June as players earn rewards from both.

The event where players hunt down Mole Miners began just recently and has already been extended to May 27th. During this event, players are tasked with hunting down Mole Miners who’ve lined their pockets with treasures. Defeat them and you’ll claim their loot for yourself.

“For the next few days, it’s Open Season on ‘Treasure Hunter’ Mole Miners, who have been observed surfacing in the Ash Heap to scour the area for riches,” Bethesda said about the Mole Miner event. “Head there to search for these special Mole Miners, and then take them down to claim their loot for yourself by picking up and opening the Mole Miner Pails they drop.”

When you’re tired of hunting down the Mole Miners, you can also purchase Empty Pails from vendors and use workbenches to turn them into Mole Miner Pails full of loot. This event takes place in the Ash Heap, and it’s live now until May 27th.

Following that event will be another called the Fasnacht Parade. If this event sounds familiar, it’s because it’s taken place before around the same time last year. Masks and other types of loot will be available from this event starting on May 25th with the seasonal event continuing form then until June 2nd.


“The event itself will work just as it did previously: The Protectrons in Helvetia need your help with a variety of activities to prepare for the annual Fasnacht celebration and parade,” Bethesda said. “If you aid them before the timer runs out, the bots will gather together and begin their festive march around town. Defend them from any party crashers along the parade route, and you’ll be rewarded with some loot. The more bots that survive the parade, the better your chances at rare loot, including Fasnacht Masks.”

Fallout 76’s first event is live now with the second one starting early next week.