'Fallout 76' Studio Debuts $276 Jacket, Instantly Gets Roasted by 'Fallout' Fans

The Fallout crew just can't seem to catch a break. Following the backlash of the 80 dollar plastic rum bottles, Bethesda seems to be back in the spotlight once more for another item connected to their Fallout franchise: A 276 dollar leather jacket that spawned jokes pretty much the second it was announced.

Instantly Twitter took to the original post by the Bethesda Store to compare the new look to a trash bag. Considering all of the heat the studio got over doing the bait and switch with the canvas bag in the collector's edition, this was pretty much the theme for most of the roasts:

And then the reactions came pouring in:

The jacket itself is made to look like a replica of the Vault Suit, complete with the 76 golden logo on the back. Had the "bag-gate" incident not taken off the way it did last year, the reactions probably wouldn't have been so roast-y, but it seems that many consumers are still feeling that initial burn.

As for the jacket itself, it's available right here with the following product description:

  • Original custom neck label issued from the vault
  • Black leather 76 patch on front
  • Metallic gold 76 appliqué on the back
  • Asymmetrical back seam, metallic gold piecing and bicep arm pads all inspired by the Vault Suit
  • Metallic gold hardware including a custom bolt zipper pull
  • Adjustable cuffs for the wrists
  • Lined in silky, shiny taffeta fabric
  • Comes packaged inside a Fallout 76 garment bag

What are your thoughts on their latest reveal? Roasts unfair, or did Bethesda jump the gun? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!