Fallout 76 Update Shuts Down Nuclear Winter Game Mode

Fallout 76's newest update released the long-awaited Fallout Worlds feature that gave players the private servers and custom worlds they'd been looking forward to, but it also took away some content. The game's Nuclear Winter mode is no more now that it's been shut down after Bethesda said it was becoming more difficult to fill out servers without compromising in terms of wait times. For those who played Nuclear Winter, the update also distributed rewards based on your time spent with the mode.

Bethesda announced back in June that the game's Nuclear Winter mode would be shut down in September, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to Fallout 76 players that this was coming. As we got closer to time, it was confirmed that the Fallout Worlds update would also serve as the sunset for Nuclear Winter.

It's not all bad news for those who played Nuclear Winter often or at least once, however. Those who played at least one game got a free pennant while those who progressed further through the mode got Perk Coins to be used in Adventure Mode.

All the details on Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter rewards in Adventure Mode can be seen below:

  • Nuclear Winter Pennant: All players who completed at least one Nuclear Winter match will receive a Nuclear Winter themed Pennant they can build in their CAMPs. The Pennant will be added to your Wall Décor category in the build menu within two weeks following today's update.
  • Perk Coins: With today's update, we're granting Perk Coins to players based on their progression in Nuclear Winter Mode so that you can give your Legendary Perk Card collection a boost.
  • You will receive 6 Perk Coins per Nuclear Winter Perk Card you earned from the Nuclear Winter progression system.
  • You will also get 1 Perk Coin per Overseer Ticket you earned.
  • These Perk Coins have already been added to your account, and will be available to you as soon as you log in.
  • Cosmetic Rewards: Many of the cosmetic rewards that could be earned by climbing Overseer Ranks in Nuclear Winter are now available in Adventure Mode as rewards that you can claim by completing Public Events. Here is the current list of events where you have a chance to earn these cosmetics:
  • A Colossal Problem
  • Encryptid
  • Project Paradise
  • Scorched Earth
  • Limited Time Events: Festive Scorched & Treasure Hunter
  • Exclusive Rewards: Nuclear Winter Trophies and Statues will remain exclusive to players who earned them by climbing the ranks in the Nuclear Winter progression system.

To see what's coming next for Fallout 76, be sure to keep an eye on the latest roadmap that's been released.