Fallout 76 Season 6 Roadmap Revealed

Fallout 76's next season is right around the corner now that it's scheduled to arrive in a few days, and that means there's an entire new content roadmap to keep an eye on. Season 6 will begin on September 8th alongside new challenges, rewards, and more features that traditionally release with the turn of a season as well as some new Allies to have by your side. Fallout Worlds, the private servers players have been waiting for, will also launch on the same day. Beyond the start of the season, the roadmap says we'll get plenty of the weekly and weekend events as we get closer to the start of Season 7 in December.

The roadmap below shows much of what players can expect throughout the next couple of months. The first big thing to look forward to is of course the launch of Season 6 itself which will be accompanied by the Daily Ops Expansion II and the Fallout Worlds feature. Beyond that, players will get the usual gauntlet of occasional events like the ones that give out more experience, Gold Bullions, and other resources.

"Even though we're heading into the final few months of the year, there's still plenty of excitement to come before we ring in 2022," the Fallout 76 team said ab out the community roadmap and the events planned. "The Fallout Worlds and Winter Updates we're planning to release will bring new features and improvements to Fallout 76. In addition, the Wasteland will be buzzing with lots of in-game events that you can take part in just about every week. Whether you're looking to hunt down Spooky Scorched in October, claim some Holiday Gifts in December, or square off against enemies with Double Mutations in Daily Ops, you can stay on top of everything that's taking place in Appalachia with our latest Community Calendar."


The Winter Update referenced above is scheduled to release in December and brings about the start of Season 7. That includes things like new 4-Star Legendaries as well as other features that Bethesda is expected to announce closer to the time that the following season begins. Until then, players have Season 6 to look forward to starting on September 8th.