Fallout 76 Reveals New Wastelanders NPC Details

Fallout 76 players who’ve been asking for more info about the game’s big Wastelanders update and its NPCs got their wish this week when Bethesda released new details about the expansion. These details dealt with some of the specific NPCs that players will encounter like characters named “Duchess” and “Mort” who’ve been previewed in past images shared. Duchess is a human character while Mort is a Ghoul, though those characters will be just two of the many NPCs players will encounter when Wastelanders releases.

Bethesda featured its two Wastelanders in the latest Inside the Vault post which was also the last post of its kind for the year. One location that players will find when Wastelanders releases is a point of interest called “The Wayward” that serves as a bar and resting point for players. Duchess owns The Wayward, and it sounds like she’ll be enlisting the help of player at some point.

“Duchess is the stalwart owner and proprietor of The Wayward, which she built and brought into Appalachia in hopes of providing an inviting atmosphere and stiff drinks to anyone seeking a place to recharge—for a fee, of course,” Bethesda said about the character. “Recently, she’s had a string of visitors stop in, asking some very pointed questions and acting aggressively. While she and Mort are more than capable of handling a few troublesome patrons, they wouldn’t refuse a bit of help finding out who these people are and what they’re after.”

Mort is the other NPC that’s been revealed so far, and you’ll be seeing him not far away from Duchess. This character is a Ghoul who hangs out within The Wayward and should be able to help players out with any questions they have about the surrounding areas.


“As The Wayward’s most loyal regular, Mort spends quite a bit of time there, running up his bar tab and lending a hand to Duchess when needed,” Bethesda said. “Mort’s also got a knack for exploring. He has traversed a large swath of the Forest and has managed to figure out how C.A.M.P.s work. If you ever need a bit of insight into the surrounding area or a refresher on C.A.M.P.s, Mort’s your Ghoul.”

Bethesda teased that these NPCs are “two of the many people and characters” players will meet when the update releases. Wastelanders doesn’t currently have a release date, but it’s scheduled to be out some time in the first quarter of 2020 after it was delayed beyond 2019.