'Fallout 76' Trailer Teaches Players How to Drop Nukes

Bethesda's final video in Fallout 76's "You Will Emerge" series of trailers was released on Wednesday with the latest one teaching players how they can drop nukes on their foes.

The latest video called "Atomics for Peace" shows a familiar scenario in the Fallout universe where a player is approached by someone who wishes them harm, usually to acquire whatever resources and valuables the victim is carrying. When facing off against a team of assailants, dropping a nuclear bomb on them is one route to avoid any direct confrontation.

To drop those nukes, you're first going to have to acquire the nuclear launch codes. Bethesda urges players to try "inquiring with the locals," that advice in this scenario meaning bashing a Ghoul's head in to take the code from them. To find the rest of the codes, players can obtain them in a similar fashion around the map or may be able to find them in the possession of another player that they'll encounter.

After acquiring a full set of the codes needed to drop the nuke, players can initiate the launch process through one of the various missile locations throughout the map. From there, they can pick a target to take out with the nuke and can then go back to that location to scavenge for resources without having to worry about the enemies that were previously there. The video warns that new creatures might've taken their place though, irradiated versions of Fallout enemies that could now be guarding the loot.

Additional details were revealed recently in a Game Informer article that shared more information about the nuke system and the rest of Fallout 76. While players will be able to drop nukes on others and level enemy compounds, it'll be a while before they're able to do so. Though the game's story is less structured than other Fallout experiences, it still has a main quest, and it's at the end of that quest that you'll get to launch your first nuke. Bethesda's Todd Howard spoke to Game Informer to explain that the main quest starts off with a transmission from the Overseer that inevitably culminates in a nuclear launch.


"She left before everybody," Howard said. "She left secret instructions for you, and that's kind of the jumping-on point for what we call the main quest. At the end of it, you launch the nukes. The nukes are a game system, but they are also part of the main story."

Fallout 76 is scheduled to launch on November 14.