Fallout 76 Update Takes Away Some Weapons

Fallout 76 players have known for a while now that Bethesda was coming for some of their weapons – illegal ones, that is, weapons formed from unallowed weapon modification combinations that players shouldn't have been able to own in the first place. That update was announced last year but was delayed to a later date shortly afterwards, and now, it's finally been released to take care of these outliers and better ensure everyone's playing on a level field.

Bethesda first announced plans to tackle illegal weapons back in November by issuing a statement in one of the game's Inside the Vault posts that said to expect to see illicit weapons removed from accounts soon. It wouldn't affect everyone since not everybody owned these sorts of weapons, but the goal with this change was to "ensure that every player is using and trading the same items and has the same advantages as everyone else."

After some testing, that update was delayed in December, but it's now out across all platforms.

"Although we are playing in a post-apocalyptic world, we still want to keep that world fair, fun, and inviting to all," the notes for this week's update said. "While you have been exploring and rebuilding, we have been working on a new system that works behind the scenes to remove illegal attachment combinations that violate the EULA to ensure that every single player is using and trading the same items and has the same advantages as you. In today's update, we are implementing a system that will remove illegal mods attached to weapons that cannot be obtained in-game. Most players will not notice any change to their existing weapons, however, players who are in possession of a weapon with a mod that cannot be equipped naturally to the weapon may notice a damage decrease to the weapon, and the mod will no longer exist."

The update naturally did a bit more than that, but the weapon changes were the main part of the update. You can read through the rest of the patch notes here to see what else was changed.