Fallout 76 Update Makes Private Worlds More Private

Bethesda launched Fallout 76's private worlds this year as part of the beleaguered Fallout 1st subscription service, and since then, it's been working to improve them to make the private games more in line with what players were expecting. Part of those improvements come from the latest update which was just released for the game by putting private game owners more in control of whether certain players can join their games. Players on owners' friends lists were previously able to join private games without an invite, but that's no longer the case, assuming the world owner has the right settings turned on.

Fallout 76's Fallout 1st membership was initially announced in October with private worlds among the perks of the subscription. Not long after that, Bethesda promised hotfixes were on the way when players discovered that they were being invaded by their own friends since the private worlds allowed other players to join games if they were on a friends list.

To remedy that problem, Fallout 76 players hopefully have an acceptable fix in the game's latest update. You can find the full notes from the update below that detail how private worlds are now more private.

  • Private Worlds: Following community feedback, we have added a new button to Private Worlds mode on the Play Screen so that Private World owners have more choice in how friends can join their World.
    • The button can be toggled between "Team Only" and "All Friends."
    • Team Only: When "Team Only" is enabled, only the Private World owner and players they have already formed a team with can enter the Private World.
    • All Friends: Switching to "All Friends" will allow any players on the Private World owner's friends list to enter the Private World.
  • Item Transfer: It is no longer possible to transfer items into a dead enemy's inventory.

Fallout 76 players didn't take the initial announcement of Fallout 1st very well considering how players have been asking for private servers for a while now and then found that they'd be locked behind a paywall. Someone even created a fake Fallout 76 site mocking the subscription service, but it didn't stick around for long. For those players who did subscribe to Fallout 1st in hopes of playing peacefully in private worlds, hopefully the new update allows them to do so.