Next Fallout 76 Update Gets a Release Date

Fallout 76's next update releases in just a few days, Bethesda announced this week. That update will drop on April 12th, and with it will come a swathe of new bugfixes as well as some extra items being added to the Atom Shop. That's about all it'll have, however, with Bethesda tempering expectations ahead of time by saying the update won't be as large as some of the other content-heavy ones Fallout 76 gets. That means that players still have the "Test Your Metal" update to look forward to once its testing phase concludes and that update is ready to be released.

The comments about the game's next patch were shared in the latest Inside the Vault post which honestly didn't have much beyond that release date that players didn't already know about. Bethesda did say that this update will result in the game being taken offline for maintenance for a while, however, so plan ahead for that once the update drops next Tuesday.

"While the 'Test Your Metal' update is currently in the Public Test Server and on its way to the live game in June, we wanted to share a heads up that we're planning to release another patch on Tuesday, April 12," Bethesda said. "This one will be a bit smaller some of our larger updates that bring new content to the game, as it is primarily aimed at fixing bugs and adding some new items to the Atomic Shop. We're currently looking to bring the game offline for maintenance at 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, and we will be sure to share updates with you in the Bethesda Studios Discord server once downtime begins."

The good news is that even though this next update won't be too big of one, you don't have to wait to try out new content. That's because the Test Your Metal update mentioned in the comments above is currently live within the PTS for players to try out. It includes new events, features, and more, and you can get earn a pennant for the live game by trying things out.

"You can try out our three new Public Events, the Corpse Highlights setting, and more, and then post your thoughts for us to read in Discord," Bethesda said. "While the Test Server has only been live for a short time, we've been receiving tons of great feedback from our wonderful playtesters so far. This has already resulted in improvements to enemies, enemy waves and timings, and rewards for our new events, plenty of bug reports and fixes, as well as further adjustments to critical hit bonus changes that went live at the start of the PTS.


Fallout 76's next update releases on April 12th.