Upcoming Fallout 76 Updates Will Adjust Nuclear Winter Balance and Duplicate Rewards

Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter battle royale mode has been pretty successful so far, perhaps more [...]

Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter battle royale mode has been pretty successful so far, perhaps more so than one might've expected from a Fallout battle royale. Since its release in a beta form, Bethesda has been tweaking the various systems in place for what's a first in the Fallout series. Future updates will continue that with balance, perk duplicates, and stability being the three main areas that Bethesda is planning to focus on in the upcoming updates.

Bethesda outlined its plans for the future of Nuclear Winter in a post on the game's site where the three talking points above were listed. The developer acknowledged that the mode wasn't something everyone was sure about at first, but the feedback from players has led to the mode being kept online and for more work to be done on it in the future.

"During that time, you took something that you understandably approached with a degree of skepticism and gave it a chance," Bethesda said. "We watched your feedback closely as you started jumping into matches, and the community's collective excitement prompted us to keep the mode online while we continued working on it."

As for the future of the game mode, Bethesda has a few things in mind that it'll be working on following the release of Patch 10.5 that came out not long ago. Those three main points are the ones mentioned previously with explanations for each individual area found below.

  • Balance Adjustments: In Nuclear Winter, everyone starts on a level playing field. Maintaining that fairness is very important to us, especially as players gain access to a wider variety of Perk Cards by ranking up, and throughout each match as players get their hands on the many weapons that can appear in-game. With this in mind, we're currently looking to address a few balance issues for a number of weapons and Perk Cards (And yes, that includes Frog Legs.)
  • Duplicate Perk Rewards: We've heard feedback from some players who feel they're receiving too many duplicate Perk Cards as Overseer Rank-Up rewards. We're looking into these reports and we are currently discussing ways we can make improvements to this experience going forward.
  • Stability: Patch 10.5 brought a number of stability improvements to the game, but we're not done yet! As with the main game, we're continually working to address crashes and improve server performance whenever possible to reduce the likelihood of unexpected interruptions during your play sessions.

Fallout 76's Nuclear Winter mode is now available to all players across each platform.