This Fallout Deathclaw Statue Is Every Collector's Dream

Hi, my name is Liana and I'm addicted to collectibles. No really, I even wrote about my collection here! But with Fallout 76 news pretty much at every corner, many long-time fans of the series, and even newcomers, have the Wasteland on their minds. If you're like me and love to have stunning manifestations of our beloved games, than this Deathclaw statue is going to be make you drool. And so will that price tag.

(Photo: Gaming Heads, Exclusive Edition)

The latest (and oh, my god incredible) high-end statue from Gaming Heads has to do with our beloved (just kidding, hated) Deathclaws from the iconic franchise. I recently spoke to the chief boss over at Gaming Heads about the latest addition, and the passion was definitely there.

The Director of the collectibles company recently told me, "Being such an iconic monster from Fallout, the reaction to the Deathclaw polystone statue has been incredible. Given its sheer size (i.e. it's huge) and the attention to detail that's gone into making our very own Deathclaw, it was really nice to see the community's reaction to it when it was recently shown at E3. In addition to the Fallout community, the positive feedback from the studio and the guys who created the Deathclaw makes all the team's hard work and effort in making the Deathclaw statue worthwhile. I cannot wait to get mine before they sell out."

(Photo: Gaming Heads, Regular Edition)

We recently saw it for ourselves at its E3 showcase and the level of detailing is exactly what one might expect from this company. Believe me, they have me firmly by my wallet.

Just like previous pieces in their line, there are two editions. The Exclusive and the Standard. Both are set at the same price point of $999.99, but the variation with the Exclusive can only be purchased through the Gaming Heads website. The Regular edition can be found through third party sites, and even a few select retailers.

According to the listing page, "The Fallout: Deathclaw exclusive edition statue stands approximately 28 inches tall and a massive 41 inches long. This beautifully designed piece is carefully cast in polystone resin and hand-painted by artisans to depict a Deathclaw in all its rage (and beauty) as found in-game."

I have a quite a few pieces from this company, including their stunning Mass Effect and Dragon Age lines and believe me when I say that they are absolutely worth every penny. That being said, they do understand that those prices are a bit hard to swallow, so they do offer payment plans for those that are just itching to add to their collection.


Both editions are currently available for pre-order and can be checked out right here.

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