Prime Video's Fallout Soundtrack Is Getting a Vinyl Release

Fallout gets an expected vinyl release.

The Fallout TV series has garnered heaps of praise from Fallout fans and newcomers alike with the music in the series often listed among the many nods the show got. Music itself has always been a strong component of the Fallout aesthetic, so considering how well the show went over, it shouldn't be surprising to see that the Fallout show's soundtrack is getting its own vinyl release. It's scheduled to be out on June 14th, and it'll be comprised of 21 different tracks spread out across two records.

To be clear, this is a soundtrack of the original music that made up the soundtrack for Fallout, not a collection of the songs that you're probably thinking of. "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" by The Ink Spots is a song people probably heavily associate with Fallout by now ever since it was included in Fallout 4 and more recently in the Fallout TV show, but that's not the kind of music this new album is all about. Instead, the two Fallout LPs feature original music from composer Ramin Djawadi who worked previously on shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld

In true Fallout fashion, the two records that make up this release are colored yellow and blue after the Vault-Tec jumpsuits that Vault Dwellers wear. The track list detailed below includes some songs with names that should sound quite familiar to those who've watched through Season 1 of Fallout.

Fallout Vinyl Track List

Side A (approximately 18:42)

  • Brotherhood of Steel (full version)
  • The Ghoul
  • Ice Cream and Apple Pie
  • Artifact

Side B (approximately 18:07)

  • Vault 33
  • Shady Sands
  • Feo Fuerte y Formal
  • Rebuild Together
  • Surface Dweller Tradition
  • Golden Rule

Side C (approximately 16:46)

  • Are You Compromised
  • I Hate It Up Here
  • Bringing Order to the Wasteland
  • Management
  • Vault-Tec
  • Think About the Future

Side D (approximately 19:15)

  • All the Answers
  • Run for the Hills
  • War Never Changes
  • Do the Right Thing
  • T-60

Right now, the only listing that's live for this vinyl release is through Lakeshore Records, and unfortunately for those who are just now hearing about the vinyl release, it's already sold out. There will be more chances to buy it, however, seeing how its retail street date is also expected to be June 14th, so don't let the quick sellout dissuade you from adding it to your collection.

If you can't wait for the vinyl release, you can find this exact same soundtrack on streaming services right now. If you do want to hunt down some of the songs from the series not found on this vinyl that caught your ear, here's a list of all the famous songs that showed up in the Fallout show. Perhaps we'll hear even more fan-favorites from the Fallout games in Season 2.