Fallout TV Show Begins Filming as Star Walton Goggins Teases Character

Amazon's upcoming TV series based on the Fallout video game franchise has officially started filming. First announced back in 2020, Bethesda revealed that it would be working with production Kilter Films to bring Fallout to life as a television series that would air on Prime Video. And while much of the show and what it will entail has been kept tightly under wraps, we now seem to know more about the character that star Walton Goggins will be playing. 

As of this week, Goggins himself took to social media to reveal that production on Fallout is now underway. Goggins specifically stated that "day 1" of filming started on July 18th. Although we haven't seen or heard much else related to Fallout otherwise, new images from the show's set did hit the interweb within recent days. And while there's not a whole lot to glean from this set alone, the set that we could make out contains a callback to a location that first appeared within Fallout 3.

Perhaps the most notable tease from Goggins came in regard to the character that he'll be playing in Fallout. At this point in time, we know a number of the main actors and actresses tied to the series (Goggins, Ella Purnell, Kyle MacLachlan), but we don't know who they'll be playing. Goggins, however, teased on Instagram that he'll be portraying a ghoul of some sort.

For those unaware, ghouls are humans in the Fallout world that have been greatly affected by radiation. While some ghouls end up losing their minds and become hostile, others can continue to live relatively ordinary lives despite being deformed. It seems likely that Goggins, assuming that he is playing a ghoul, will end up slotting into this latter category, especially since he's going to serve as one of the stars of Fallout. What this means for the plot of the series isn't currently known, but it looks like the show could opt to shift the focus away from the typical "Vault Dweller" protagonist that lies at the center of many of the video games. 

At this point in time, Fallout doesn't have a release window of any sort for Prime Video. Given that filming is now officially happening, though, it seems like we should start to hear a lot more about the show in the coming months.