Far Cry 5 Has Some Inferior Physics and Design Systems Compared to Far Cry 2

Far Cry 5 is one of the best-looking games this generation. Yet, it also has some elements in design that are far less impressive.

A new video focuses in on some of Far Cry 5's shortcomings, comparing its physics and certain design systems to that of Far Cry 2. The result: multiple instances showing how Far Cry 2, a ten- year-old game, is better than Far Cry 5 in specific cases.

The biggest difference between the two stems from environmental destruction, which is far greater in Far Cry 2. For example, players can shoot through certain structures or impact them with progressive damage. And it's more realistic as a result. If you run up on a shoddy wooden shed, you can shoot through it, leaving bullet holes in it, and killing any enemies on the other side of said bullet holes. In Far Cry 5, this doesn't happen.

You could also destroy lights for added stealth in Far Cry 2, but not in Far Cry 5. Meanwhile, you can also cut into trees by shooting at them. And again, this isn't the case in Far Cry 5.

Then there is the difference between how the two games treat things like bushes and grasses. In Far Cry 5, only taller grass bends in a natural way. In Far Cry 2, players can bend bushes as they navigate through them. And if they drive through them, they can bend or completely break if you're going fast enough. In Far Cry 5, they are just automatically destroyed when you run them over.

One of the other big declines in quality is the fire physics. In Far Cry 2, trees, bushes, and grass all change assets as they burn until nothing is left but a sea of burnt black. In Far Cry 5, the assets don't change at all.

There's also a variety of small touches present in Far Cry 2 that aren't found in Far Cry 5, such as when drive your car around in Far Cry 2 it will get dirtier and dirtier over time. The clouds in Far Cry 2 also are more advanced.


While Far Cry 5 runs on some newer tech -- and thus looks better -- it seems to lack some of the details that really make the world of Far Cry 2 feel alive. Both games notably run on the same engine (Far Cry 5 is on a newer version), so there shouldn't be any reason why Far Cry 2 is more robust in certain physics designs.

Far Cry 5 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And despite a few instances of downgrades, the game looks beautiful both in and out of action, which perhaps partially explains why it is flying off shelves at record-breaking pace.