New Far Cry 6 Edition, Expansion May Have Leaked

A new edition of Far Cry 6 as well as an expansion appears to be on the way based on a leaked promo image that surfaced online this week. This new version of the game is supposedly a "Game of the Year" edition consisting of an "upgrade pass" that grants players several different entitlements for additional content on top of the already lengthy Far Cry 6 experience. Ubisoft has not yet confirmed any official plans for such a release, however, so we don't know yet when, or if, this will release.

The first evidence of the all-in-one Far Cry 6 edition came from the ALumia_Italia Twitter account which shares updates on Xbox store listings, trademarks, and other related announcements. The image below shared by that account was apparently scraped from the Xbox store and showed what all is supposed to be included in this version of Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 does indeed have extra content beyond the main story including three different DLC episodes featuring villains from past Far Cry games, but there's nothing out right now that constitutes an expansion despite this image saying that one is included in the Game of the Year edition. A follow-up tweet from the same account said that this new expansion is called "Lost Between Worlds," but no additional details or assets for that were shared.

What that rumored expansion consists of and when it'll be announced remains to be seen, but we know from past releases what all should be included in this version of the game beyond the unannounced content. The season pass consists of three DLC episodes featuring Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed as well as the "Ultimate Pack." That DLC pack consists of the Croc Hunter Pack, Vice Pack, and Jungle Expedition Pack which award players a variety of weapons, outfits, vehicles, and one very helpful animal companion.

While Game of the Year editions of games are not uncommon at all, Far Cry 6 didn't really sweep any awards shows when it released in 2021. That doesn't mean it didn't sell well, however, with Ubisoft calling it the "best year ever for the brand," so even if it didn't win awards, perhaps it was someone's favorite game of the year.