New Far Cry 6 Trailer Shows Off Gameplay in the "Richest Far Cry World Yet"

In case you didn't get enough of Far Cry 6 from hands-on previews of the new Far Cry game, Ubisoft shared a new overview trailer this week that offers a much broader look at the experience. It talks about things like capturing outposts and helping residents of the game's setting, Yara, which are both components that you'll find in pretty much any Far Cry game. This trailer, however, continues Ubisoft's claims about the vastness of Far Cry 6's world by saying it's the "richest Far Cry world yet."

The Far Cry trailer below lasts for just about six minutes and is comprised of cutscenes and actual gameplay. It's the first time some of the gameplay clips here have been shown with several features highlighted, though the topics frequently come back to the island nation of Yara itself.

"Yara is the richest Far Cry world yet, rustic wild and unique in ways that only isolated cultures can be," commentary overlayed on the overview trailer said. "Yara's islands are a playground of mayhem and rough and tumble exploration, and this world can be experienced alone or with a friend."

As we've seen in other Ubisoft games, this one breaks the country of Yara up into defined sections. This ties in with the game's story where Yara is producing a valuable cancer treatment resource, but as far as gameplay goes, it serves as a way to gate players from entering regions too soon since they have to level up enough through story progression if they hope to stand a chance in different areas.

"Yara is broken into many regions of cultural and natural diversity where Dani will encounter key groups of locals and become entwined in their own unique narratives," the trailer continued. "Dani must gain the trust of each of these groups to resist Castillo's tightening grip on Yara, and in the process, uncover a wealth of mission arcs and gameplay opportunities."


Towards the end of the video, we see some of the Resolver and Supremo weapons featured. These were some of the most unique parts of the demo ComicBook participated in and allow for players to get creative with their loadouts. Supremo weapons are essentially ultimate abilities while the Resolver weapons can be things like flamethrowers or the shield-and-gun combo shown in the trailer above.

Far Cry 6 is scheduled to release on October 7th.