Far Cry 7 and Multiplayer Spin-Off Reportedly in Development

Two new Far Cry games, including Far Cry 7, are reportedly in the works. Far Cry is one of Ubisoft's biggest franchises out there and is part of the foundation of the Ubisoft formula: Big, exotic open worlds with lots of various tasks like clearing outposts and leveling up big skill trees while taking down flashy villains. It's something that fans really love and the additions of things like co-op have only helped but increase the appeal for fans. The last entry in the series came out in 2021 and based on release patterns, it would seem likely we're due for a new one within the next 2 years and it sounds like that may be the case.

According to Insider Gaming, the two games, Far Cry 7 and the multiplayer spin-off known internally as Project Maverick, were part of the same package, but were split into two games at some point. It's expected they will share the same setting, which is rumored to be set in the Alaskan wilderness and the multiplayer title will be an extraction shooter like DMZ or Escape from Tarkov with permadeath, looting, and so on. It's also expected that the extreme weather conditions and wildlife could pose as much of a challenge as other players. There isn't much known about Far Cry 7 itself, but the projects are reportedly targeting a release window of fall 2025. The report also noted that Ubisoft has had trouble hitting its deadlines with games like Skull and Bones being repeatedly delayed, so it could be much further out.

Either way, it sounds like there is a lot of Far Cry goodness on the way. Given Ubisoft is seemingly leaning more and more into the free-to-play world, it seems likely that Project Maverick would probably act as a free-to-play game similar to Call of Duty: Warzone, but that's pure speculation. 

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