'Far Cry New Dawn' Gameplay Shows Off Dangerous Expeditions

New Far Cry New Dawn footage has been released as part of the PlayStation Underground series to show off what players have waiting for them when they embark on expeditions.

While the follow-up game to Far Cry 5 still takes place within the United States in Hope County, the fictional area of Montana where the game before it was centered, but it’ll allow players to move around the country instead of staying in one place as they take on different missions. These expeditions take place in closed maps which task players with completing certain requirements while also seeing more of the post-apocalyptic country.

One of those missions that some who got to preview the game saw put players aboard a huge aircraft carrier called the H.M.S. MacCoubrey which is docked on the coast of Florida, and that’s the exact mission that the PlayStation Underground video above starts out with. The ship is filled with enemies and players have to retrieve a package from it, but it’s up to them weather they want to go about that stealthily or fight their way into the belly of the ship with explosions and guns blazing.

Expeditions look to be a twist on Ubisoft’s typical formula of capturing bases and other settlements in the Far Cry series by putting players in side settings and also giving them different objectives to work towards. Instead of just having to clear out every enemy, stealing a package and then escaping via helicopter is the way to complete the aircraft carrier expedition. Another expedition called “Five Stars Theme Park” tasks players with a similar challenge but drops them in a run-down theme park filled with enemies.


These expeditions are marked with different difficulty levels, and there will be more than the three that are known about, though how many there will be and what they will entail hasn’t yet been revealed.

Far Cry New Dawn is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on February 15th. The game’s creative director recently spoke about the twin villains players will encounter on that day and hinted that, like other Far Cry games, players will love to the them.