Fidget Spinner: Journey of Secrets Is a Thing, and It's Out Now on Mobile

We have no idea what's happening. We're out of touch. We don't know why everyone is paying money [...]

fidget spin
(Photo: Ezone)

We have no idea what's happening. We're out of touch. We don't know why everyone is paying money for spinny little keychains and we don't know why there's a new iOS and Android game about them. Developer Ezone just launched Fidget Spinner: Journey of Secrets. This is an app where you, well, spin a fidget spinner. It also doubles as a idle-clicker mystery, and this is where we lose our minds:

"Journey of Secrets is not just a simulator, it's also an idle/clicker game. Each spinner within the game has a target number of spins: reach it to unlock the next. As you unlock each spinner more clues will be revealed to help you discover the true purpose of these intriguing devices. Do you have what it takes to discover all their secrets?

"If you like idle/incremental/clicker games with amazing 3D graphics, accurate physics, and an overarching discoverable storyline, this is a must-have download. What will you discover when you unwind the Journey of Secrets? Aliens? A Higher Power? Conspiracy? Download today to find out..."

What will you discover when you keep flicking that spinning piece of metal? The Illuminati? A spiritual epiphany? Inertia? This has to be one of the strangest game pitches we've ever read, and we're not sure what to make of the fact that this will very likely earn thousands of downloads.

They're hitting every angle. This is a virtual fidget spinner. It's a mystery game. It's an augmented reality experience. It's a simulator. With buzzwords like this how can you not download it just to see what the hell is going on?

We were tempted to dive in and do a full-blown review of FIdget Spinner: Journey of Secrets, but then we realized it's E3 week. Pretty audacious of Ezone to release their game alongside the huge announcements from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, but they're just that confident. Check it out and please check back in with us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you think. You can find the iOS version here, and the Android version here.