'FIFA 19' Players Call For Timed Finishing To Be Removed

fifa 19
(Photo: EA)

One of FIFA 19's new features is Timed Finishing, and it has had the player base split since the game launched in September.

For those that don't know: Timed Finishing allows players to command more power and control over their shorts, or as I wrote in my review, basically sprinkle magical goal dust on their shot by timing a second tap of the shoot button to perfection. At the time of my aforementioned review, I had the following to say about the feature:

"Timed Finishing is a simple, but impactful addition. With it, you can generate more power, command more control, but ultimately sprinkle some magic goal dust on your shot by timing a second tap of the shoot button to perfection. Previously it felt utterly random when a wondergoal would manifest. Now, it feels like you earned it. Though a wondergoal isn't the result every time, your shot is always at least improved. And it’s not always straightforward and mindless to do, because the motion for each shot is different, so as the name suggests, you have to actually pay attention and time it."

For the most part, I still feel this way about Timed Finishing. However, having played/watched more online play, I have noticed a bit of a problem with the feature: it's exploited a little too often, and its exploit is perhaps too effective. In other words, I'm torn on its inclusion.

But a sizable, if not majority, of the game's players are not torn: they hate it. Of these players are many prominent pros who have been taking to Twitter alongside your average player to share their take on the feature.

While their are many more tweets like the above ones lambasting Timed Finishing, there are some players who have suggested that the issues can't be solely blamed on Timed Finishing, while others don't see any problem at all.


Each year there is something that divides the FIFA community. In previous years, much of back and forth had been about pace and how over-powered it was. This year, EA fixed that -- perhaps a little too much -- but now there's something new dividing players.

Whether Timed Finishing will be a feature going forward, who knows. Probably. But it sounds like EA needs to re-balance it before the next game releases in 2019.