FIFA 21 Update Adds David Beckham to the Game

FIFA 21 update added David Beckham to the game and fans are going nuts. The legend is one of the most decorated Football players across the globe. Players can get Beckham on their FUT squads for free as a reward for playing the game by January. LaLiga fans will have an added boost as his Real Madrid debut is the focus of the card. It's an amazing proposition and will make a lot of the fans out there very happy. The offer begins on December 15th, so you have plenty of time to brush up on tactics and how to deploy him effectively. On their website, EA game players a breakdown of the legends' history and what he's given to the sport.

"Born in East London, David Beckham grew up training day and night, ending up joining the likes of Paul Scholes as part of a precocious young group of talents who would take the Premier League by storm. He took the spotlight, scoring an incredible goal from the halfway line in the very first match of the 96-97 season. Renowned for his trademark ability from set-pieces, Beckham took centre stage during a dramatic 1999 UEFA Champions League Final, where his team overturned a 1-0 scoreline to come back and win 2-1, both goals orchestrated by Beckham's corner kicks and cementing a historic treble for his side."

"After completing the Premier League with 6 Premier League titles, two FA Cups, and a UEFA Champions League, Beckham joined Spanish giants Real Madrid in 2003. Alongside Zidane, Ronaldo Nazário, Raúl and Roberto Carlos, he was with some of the very best of his generation. His craft from the right of midfield saw him build excellent on-field partnerships with Ronaldo Nazário especially as he turned out 116 times for Los Blancos, scoring 16 goals and winning one LaLiga trophy and a UEFA Super Cup."'s Tyler Fischer reviewed the latest edition of the game for the site. Check out what he had to say below:

"FIFA 21 is most fulfilling when you have the ball and you're attacking. From FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, dribbling is the most different, thanks to the addition of agile dribbling, which allows you more freedom and creativity in one-on-one situations. This includes fast footwork, close control, and a variety of skill moves that completely transform stationary dribbling and allow you to attempt your best Neymar highlight reel. Offline, against AI, the agile dribbling is a nice flavor enhancer, however, it's easy to see it will be exploited online. Beyond this, dribbling feels better than it has in years, however, players are still a little stiff and play like they have 70 minutes in their legs at all times. Turning is especially clunky, and, as a result, dribbling is still too reliant on skill moves."


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