New FIFA 21 Feature Tracks Time Played and FIFA Points Spent

Patch notes for the latest FIFA 21 update dropped this week ahead of the update's actual release to show players what all was included. One of those notes in the rundown mentioned something called the "FIFA Playtime" tool which was described as "a suite of tools that enable players to have more control and visibility over how they play. Thanks to some new details revealed about that feature after the patch notes released, we now know that the tool will be useful for some users but may show others some information they'd be better off not knowing.

That's because some of the new tools packed into that feature will allow players to do things like track their time played, how many FIFA Points they've spent, and more. Despite those details not being included in the patch notes, Eurogamer was able to report on the specifics of the FIFA Playtime tool and how it'd work.

Aside from the features that'll allow players to track the total time spent in FIFA 21 and see how many FIFA Points you've spent overall, FIFA Playtime will also allow people to set restrictions on these facets of the game. Doing so will allow people – likely parents given how the FIFA Playtime feature is described – to limit things like how many matches can be played, how many FIFA Points can be purchased, and other areas of FIFA 21.

This new feature is supposed to go live on November 12th for PC users and will come to consoles on November 17th, according to Eurogamer. Electronic Arts will likely share new, or at least official, details on this feature and how players can use it to their advantage within that timeframe before it's widely available. It sounds like it'll be most useful for those who need to restrict how much someone else is playing or spending within FIFA 21, but perhaps other players will get some use out of it as well.


FIFA 21 and other games in the franchise have long been the subject of deliberations pertaining to loot boxes, gambling, and the effects these sort of in-game purchases have on younger players who are able to easily dump money into the game in hopes of earning valuable in-game prizes. This new feature is supposed to be part of Electronic Arts' "Positive Play Project" that looks to prevent or mitigate some of the problems that stem from that issue and others.