FIFA 23 Leak Makes Game Playable Early for Some

Electronic Arts appears to have another FIFA 23 oopsie on its hands after a significant leak that took place on Tuesday resulted in the game being playable ahead of schedule for some. It's scheduled to be out on September 27th, but this leak meant that people were able to access parts of the game around a month early. That issue seems to have been resolved now, but not before people were able to scour the contents of the game to post things like ratings and more for different clubs and individual players.

The option to access the game early appears to have been available for some who purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game. That's the fancy all-inclusive one that does include early access to the game, but not a month early as some players were gifted this week. It also seems that even if you didn't buy the Ultimate Edition, a FIFA 23 trial similarly went live early and granted access to that lite version of the game, too.

Though the issue appears to have been rectified now with things like Twitch streams taken down already after people tried to broadcast themselves playing the unreleased game, other leaked bits of info from the game remain online. For example, people have been sharing different ratings for individual players, an aspect of the FIFA games which is always hotly discussed whenever players come in above or below where fans think they should've. The soundtrack for the game was leaked as well with players able to see what's presumed to be the full lineup of songs available in FIFA 23.

As of now, the official socials for the EA Sports FIFA series have not yet acknowledged this leak, but perhaps we'll get a tongue-in-cheek response from them later addressing the situation. It may not be as humorous there as it is to FIFA fans, however, given that we probably would've seen ratings and other bits from FIFA 23 slowly revealed during the build-up to the game, reveals that'll now be peppered with "we've seen this already" replies if those are still planned.

FIFA 23 also made headlines not long ago after it was sold for far less than what it'd normally go for. Unlike those who've had their very early access to the game revoked, those who purchased the game for pennies lucked out and got to keep it.

[H/T Eurogamer]