New Final Fantasy 16 Footage Potentially Coming Soon

After a long period of silence, it looks like Square Enix could finally be ready to share more about Final Fantasy XVI within the coming week. Earlier today, Sony announced that it would be holding a new PlayStation State of Play presentation next week on Wednesday, October 27. And while PlayStation didn't specifically announce any games that will for sure be appearing during the showcase, a recent development involving Final Fantasy XVI, in particular, seems to suggest that the next installment in the long-running franchise could be making an appearance. 

Within the past week, PlayStation has curiously updated its landing page on its website for Final Fantasy XVI. While this is something that happens for virtually every game that ends up coming to PlayStation platforms, some forum users noticed a few days back that the page had seemingly been altered in some manner. And while we previously weren't sure about what this might mean, now that Sony has announced a new State of Play presentation, it might mean that new information related to Final Fantasy XVI could show up at the showcase. 

As a whole, seeing Final Fantasy XVI during State of Play would make sense for a number of reasons. For starters, the game itself was originally revealed during a PlayStation event back in 2020. Final Fantasy XVI, much like Final Fantasy VII Remake, is also a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5, at least for those on consoles. So in all likelihood, whenever Square Enix decides that it is ready to reveal more on this title, those announcements seem quite possible to occur at PlayStation-focused events. 

For now, though, there remains a whole lot that we have yet to know about Final Fantasy XVI. A release date for the latest entry in the series has yet to be announced, but Square Enix has previously said that when we do see the game show up again, we'll likely hear more about its launch plans. As such, if the game is revealed at State of Play, we could very well learn about its release date at that time.

Would you like to see more of Final Fantasy XVI during next week's State of Play? And do you believe that now is that time for the game to finally reappear? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.