Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Secret Ending Revealed

Next month, Final Fantasy VII Remake will finally release on PlayStation 4. The game is easily one of the most anticipated titles of 2020, and the wait has been quite excruciating for some fans. Thankfully, last week's release of the game's demo has been a way for players to keep themselves preoccupied in the remaining weeks, and diehard fans are still finding new things to enjoy. In fact, players have discovered that the demo has an alternate ending, depending on one of the choices that can be made. While some players might not find it worth it to revisit the demo again, for fans looking to kill some time before the game's release, it could be the perfect way to see some new footage!

To get the alternate ending, players must choose to set the time limit on the Mako bomb to 20 minutes, rather than 30. This prompts a different exchange between Cloud and Barret, and players will get to see a different sequence at the end of the demo. The alternate ending gives players a new take on a classic sequence featuring the game's primary antagonist, Sephiroth. While the shorter time limit on the Mako bomb will give players less time to take in the game's sights, most players shouldn't have too much difficulty completing the sequence with time left to spare.

Of course, some players can't be blamed for skipping the demo entirely. Unlike many other recent demos, clear data cannot be transferred to the final game, so some might not be enthusiastic about playing the same segment over twice. That said, the demo does give players an exclusive PS4 theme, so it is worth it to download for that reason alone!


Final Fantasy VII Remake has gotten a significant amount of promotion in the lead-up to its April 10th release date. Aside from the demo, players can receive Dynamic Themes for purchasing candy, or from buying additional Final Fantasy games. The game even has tie-in items such as eyeglasses and necklaces! Few games have ever gotten this level of promotion, and it speaks to just how excited fans are to finally experience the upcoming game.

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