Final Fantasy 7 Remake Requires Long Install for Physical Copies

The Final Fantasy VII Remake features the return of a classic Final Fantasy story presented in a modern way, but it also includes another aspect of older games as well: Two discs which are both required to play the game. We knew that the game would be shipping on two discs if players purchased the Blu-ray version, and thanks to the fact that the game has been releasing early in certain regions to make sure it’s playable by everyone on its launch date, it’s been seen that the game has a long install time for the physical version which will require both discs.

As reported by GameSpot after the outlet was able to obtain a copy of the game’s physical version given that it’s already available in places like Australia, one of the Blu-ray discs it ships on is the “Data Disc” while the other is the “Play Disc.” That’s not an unusual strategy for shipping physical versions of games, but it’s one that’s not seen nearly as often anymore. Both discs must be installed on players’ consoles in order to play the game in its entirety, and the fact that this is just one episode of the Final Fantasy VII story speaks to the game’s size even more.

After installing the game, players will reportedly be able to play through the game’s first chapter. Installing the second disc will be necessary to continue playing beyond that with the whole process taking around an hour to complete.


That’s not an exceptionally long time for games overall considering you’ve got things like the massive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which took forever for many people to download and still ships large updates, but for a single-player game shipping on two discs, the install time is a longer one than usual. As always, those who’ve purchased the game digitally instead of physically will be able to skirt around having to wait to download the game since it can be pre-loaded to prepare for the release. That’ll inevitably be a much longer download time compared to the installation of the physical version, but you’ll have the advantage of having it ready to go when it becomes playable in your region.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 on April 10th. We’ve also got an idea of how long it’ll take to beat if you’re wondering about that.