New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Details Reveal Expanded Story

Final Fantasy VII Remake is poised to release next month via the PS4, but before that happens, more details about the RPG remake are rolling in. And interestingly the latest batch of details to surface online reveal that Square Enix is expanding upon the game's story. More specifically, according to Square Enix, the title is a "highly dense game," which suggests there will be a lot to do. Further, the main story is now apparently larger due to new events and characters.

Bolstering this is apparently a large slab of side-quest content, which is "as big as the main story." In fact, there's so much of it that Square Enix had to make the tough decision of cutting some of it before launch. Unfortunately, there's no further details spilled about this side-quest content, but the fact there's so much has some fans excited. Meanwhile, the news also has some fans worried.

Final Fantasy 7 isn't the longest game, so if Square Enix is able to add to it that will certainly please some. However, combining "highly dense" with lots of side-quest content isn't always great. Side-quest content is great if it's done in the style of something like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Those side-quests added something to the game, world, and characters. On the other hand, if it's simply a bunch of fetch-quests, well that won't add anything to the game but padding.

Speculation aside, Square Enix also confirmed one last salient detail about the game: there will be vehicles. Hopefully this translates to Cloud having his own monster truck, because that's all I want out of this game to be honest.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release worldwide on April 7 via the PS4. Below, you can read more about the game's story:


"The world is under the control of Shinra, a corporation controlling the planet's life force as mako energy," reads an official story pitch. "In the city of Midgar, Cloud Strife, former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary lends his aid to the Avalanche resistance group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him."

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