Final Fantasy 7 Guide to Choosing Tifa's Outfit

Part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake poses an important question to players: Which type of outfit should Cloud choose for Tifa to wear later in the game? Players are presented with that question within the first couple of chapters in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it’s not obvious right away what the result of that choice will be. Thankfully, players have already advanced far enough into the game to see what those possible outfits look like whether it’s because they got the game early or have just been putting in their own hours since launch, and we’ve gotten a preview of what the outfits look like so that players can know which one to pick.

For those who haven’t yet started playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake or don’t want to be spoiled, know that there are indeed spoilers below for the decisions players make regarding Tifa’s outfit. You’ll see the outfits soon enough if you keep playing, so avoid checking out the image below if you want to be surprised.

Once players reach Chapter 3 in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll spend some time with Tifa and strike up a conversation that leads to her asking what sort of outfit would suit her if she went out on the town with Cloud. You’ve got three options to choose from: Sporty, Mature, or Exotic. You don’t get a preview of these outfits, so you’re left to choose and see what becomes of your decision.

Upon reaching Chapter 9, you’ll see Tifa wear the outfit that you selected, though you may have forgotten which one you picked before that happens. If you want to see what they’ll look like before you pick them or you want to look back after you reach Chapter 9 and see what could’ve been, you can check out the image below from Reddit user Shinobihost who posted a side-by-side of the three choices.

Tifa looks Fantastic on her dress in the game from r/FFVIIRemake

From left to right, the outfits are Exotic, Sporty, and Mature. If you’ve already made your choice and wish you would’ve picked another one, perhaps you can revisit the chapter after you’ve beaten the game to get the outfit you want. If anything, it’s an excuse to play through the Final Fantasy VII Remake again after your first playthrough.

For those just starting out with the remade Final Fantasy game, be sure to check out our guide for everything you need to know about combat. There are also some things the game doesn’t tell you right away that you’ll want to take note of before getting too far into it.