Final Fantasy Is Coming To Universal Studios Japan

final fantasy universal ride

Rejoice with me, fellow Final Fantasy lovers - because there is a new immersive experience on the way come January and it's the ride of a lifetime! Well, at least if you're in Japan (group field trip, anyone?). Beginning on January 19th, the majestic world of Final Fantasy is slashing its way into Universal Studios as a new ride aptly titled the Final Fantasy XR Ride.

Unfortunately, this sweet new ride is only available for a limited amount of time as a part of their yearly celebration event for the region. What makes this ride even cooler is that it utilises Virtual Reality technology so it's like you're really in the world of where Sephiroth exists. Check out the video revealing the new feature below to see why it's worth being excited for. If you were planning a trip to Japan anytime soon, now would definitely be the time to do just that!

To learn more (if you know Japanese, that is), you can check out the official Universal website here to get your tickets and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! The ride itself will be a featured focal point at the amusement park from January 19th all the way until June 24th, so at least there is a little bit of a window there for travel plans!


"Universal Studios Japan will be holding the "Universal Cool Japan 2016" event for a limited time only, from January 15, 2016 (Fri) to June 26, 2016(Sun). At this event, the worlds of five top Japanese entertainment brands chosen from internationally-praised manga, anime, games, music, and fashion will come together and be reproduced on an unprecedented scale with intense reality and world-class quality. Furthermore, the world's first "XR" Ride will be introduced at this event, offering an super real experience. Universal Studios Japan will popularizes world-class Japanese entertainment across the globe, while delivering the best entertainment in the world to its guests."