'Final Fantasy' Musician Nobuo Uematsu Announces Hiatus Following Health Concerns

Nobuo Uematsu's musical talent has touched the lives of many gamers throughout the years, most notably his incredible work on the Final Fantasy franchise. Fans worldwide are offering the famed composer their well wishes following a recent blog post announcing his temporary hiatus following a recent downturn in health.


Though he did not go into specifics concerning the nature of his illness, he did take a moment to apologize to fans while letting them know about his latest life update. Here is what Uematsu had to say in his latest open letter:

“Since the establishment of Dog Ear Records, I have found myself blessed with countless opportunities. From composing new works to holding concerts around the world, my days have been hectic, yet fulfilling. The resulting fatigue, however, has finally caught up with me, and I find it mentally and physically difficult to go on at my current pace. After giving serious consideration to all options,


I have decided to take an extended leave of absence and give my mind and body the time they need to properly mend. If I am to return, I want to do so in full health. Do not worry. Once I’ve made a full recovery, I’ll be back doing what I do best."

He added, "My current plan is to rest for the remainder of the year, and while I cannot commit to a method or time frame for my return, I’m very hopeful. I deeply apologize for the burden this decision places upon both my fans and my clients, and hope that you can understand and support the path I have chosen.”