Five New Games Available For Download On Nintendo Switch Today

Nintendo Switch Pinball

Even though the Nintendo eShop normally updates on a Thursday, today was quite a busy day for Nintendo Switch games, as five new titles have become available digitally for the system. And whether you're a fan of party games, platformers or pinball, there's something here for everyone. Let's run down the games you can get starting today!

Pinball FX3

Released earlier this year for other platforms, Pinball FX3 has finally arrived for Nintendo Switch. And it's missing a few particular tables, namely the Star Wars and Marvel offerings, but it still has a number of great ones available, including the Universal Classics, Aliens Pinball and Fox TV pinball tables. Plus, you can download the game now and get three free tables, including Sorcerer's Lair and a pair of fantasy tables!

The End Is Nigh

From one of the creators of the hit Super Meat Boy comes a morbid yet wildly entertaining platformer where you basically fight your way through dire conditions, trying to make it out in one piece by solving a number of different room designs. It's challenging as heck, but a lot of fun, especially for those that loved what Meat Boy had to offer.

Party Planet

In the mood for a good party game this holiday season? Head to Party Planet, which is loaded with dozens of silly yet entertaining party-based games for between two to four players. Check out the video above to see what kind of variety this compilation has to offer!


Is Stardew Valley not doing enough for you when it comes to managing things? Check out the unique Plantera, where you can manage your farming skills with a number of adorable animals!

Stern Pinball Arcade


Ready to take an arcade with you wherever you go? This compilation is for you, featuring a number of tables that you can buy and add to your collection from the Stern line-up, including Ghostbusters Premium (video above), AC/DC, Star Trek Vengeance Edition and more. The two table packs go for $19.99 apiece, though you can play Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for free by downloading the game for no charge.

More games are expected to be added to the Switch library this Thursday, including the long-awaited Yooka-Laylee, along with other titles, so be sure to check back for the full rundown!