For Honor Update Nerfs One Fighter, Patch Notes Revealed

For Honor got another new update this week with this latest one taking another look at the Conqueror, a fighter which was just recently subjected to a larger set of changes. Ubisoft followed up the sweeping adjustments included in Patch 2.36.0 by nerfing the Conqueror's damage in a few different ways while also removing a mechanic that allowed for an undodgeable Heavy attack. The update in question should now be live across all platforms.

Given that the Patch 2.36.2 that we're talking about here followed up the larger 2.36.0 from before, it makes sense that this one would be a smaller update. It dealt solely with the Conqueror aside from one bug that's now been fixed. You can find those notes below:


  • Decreased Flail Uppercut and Scutage Collection damage to 13 (from 17 and 16 respectively)
  • Decreased Chained Infinite Heavies damage to 22 damage (from 27)
  • All side Light attacks have smaller trajectories
  • Flail Uppercut no longer causes hitstun that makes the following Heavy attack unable to be dodged

Game Modes

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused rewards to not be granted after a match of Justice of Pharaohs when playing PvsAI Matchmaking OFF

For those who didn't see the initial patch notes from the larger update before this one, you can see those here to make sense of what's being talked about in regards to the Conqueror. The "Scutage Collection" mentioned in the patch notes above is a new move added to the Conqueror's in the 2.36.0 update as a way to allow the Conqueror to better fend off multiple opponents at once so long as players could block at the appropriate time.

"We're introducing a new move to Conqueror to help the hero perform better in outnumbered situations – Scutage Collection can be used both after any Superior Block (including Full Block Stance and when Dodging) as well as after any Shield Bash; this lets Conqueror hit nearby opponents when surrounded (instead of being stuck with only Flail Uppercut)," the developers said in the previous set of patch notes.

Given that this update was a smaller one than before, perhaps Conqueror players can now hope to settle into their character's new kit without too many further changes.