Fortnite Item Shop Adds Alien Skins

We had seen the teases (and even the leaks) over the past day, and now, Epic Games has made it official: skins from the Alien film franchise are coming to Fortnite. The skins specifically bring over the two most iconic characters from the series, and best of all, each is available to purchase right now.

A new skin modeled after one of the iconic Xenomorph monsters from the Alien franchise has now come to Fortnite alongside the main protagonist from the series, Ripley. While the skins on their own are surely the highlight, however, that's not all that has come over to the mega-popular battle royale game. Ripley herself also has a Nostromo Crew variant outfit to go along with some backbling that includes Jonesy the cat. In addition, the Space Gear Bundle is also being sold separately and includes a pickaxe based on the power loader arm from Aliens and a Cheyenne dropship glider.

Likely the best part of this new wave of content inspired by Alien in Fortnite comes with the game’s latest emote. Meant to resemble the iconic chest-bursting scene in the original film, this new emote, well, sees something exploding out of the character’s chest. Rather than being gruesome and gory like the movie, however, what ends up happening is cute and funny. I won’t spoil the surprise for you if you’d like to get a look at the emote for yourself.

As a whole, Epic Games continues to knock it out of the park in Fortnite Season 5. This season of content has brought with it new skins and gear related to Tron, DC, Marvel, G.I. Joe, and now Alien, just to name a few. With Season 5 winding down, it will be interesting to see how Epic looks to top things moving forward.

Once again, all of this new Alien merch can be picked up in Fortnite right now if you're interested. The game as a whole is available across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.