Epic Games Launches Board to Track Fortnite's Current Issues

Epic Games has announced the launch of a Trello board dedicated to fixing ongoing Fortnite [...]


Epic Games has announced the launch of a Trello board dedicated to fixing ongoing Fortnite issues.

The Trello board is one of Epic Games' answers when it comes to continued communication with Fortnite players, a board that serves as a one-stop shop for Fortnite's bugs and updates. This board is divided into different categories, one each for the Battle Royale and Save the World mode, with the "Top Issues" appearing in each category.

Different issues such as "weapons do not equip / do not function during early game" and "Pylon difficulty selection allows trolling" are just some of the various issues that are already being looked into. Selecting an individual problem pulls up a more detailed account on what's being worked on as well as a link to any discussions on the Epic Game forums or through one of the Fortnite communities on Reddit along with the solution that Epic Games has found, if any. These problems are color-coded with different colors indicating various statuses depending on if a problem is fixed, going to be fixed, or requires help from players to reproduce it and create a fix.

Outside of the issues, the Trello board also keeps track of the various patch notes for the game, the most recent one being Patch 3.0 that was released on Feb. 22. Each patch has its place on the Trello board, but you'll have to visit Epic Games' site to see the full lists of changes that are usually pretty sizeable. The roadmaps for both the Battle Royale and Save the World game modes can also be seen linked on the board.

Since the most recent update, Epic Games has been dealing with its own fair share of newer hiccups, the most recent two being an issue that was preventing wins from being tracked and the newest one being the disabling of the "Time Played" stat in order to reduce server stress.

The Trello board can be seen here to track ongoing issues such as the one mentioned in the tweet above.