Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 New Release Date Revealed

Fortnite's next season has been delayed once again with Chapter 2 Season 3 now scheduled to begin on June 11th as opposed to June 4th. That's only a one-week difference between when it was supposed to launch, but it's also the second delay that's hit the current season after it was first pushed back out of April. Epic Games said the delay was needed to provide more time for getting everything ready for Chapter 2 Season 3 and reminded players that there are still several challenges to be completed during the current Chapter 2 Season 2 to obtain skins and other rewards before they're unavailable.

This current season was originally supposed to end on April 30th back before Epic Games extended Chapter 2 Season 2 the first time. It was then supposed to end on June 4th before this latest delay.

"In an effort to get everything ready for Chapter 2 - Season 3, we're extending Season 2 by one week," Epic Games said. "The new launch day of Season 3 will be Thursday, June 11."

Chapter 2 Season 2 has been all about spies, agents, and theories about doomsday devices, and like every other season before it, it's expected to have a big event at the end to close out the season and usher in the new one. There's an event happening on June 6th that's so far just been called "The Device" which Epic Games asked people to mark their calendars for, so if you're looking to see what this season has been building up to, that seems like it'd be the event to check in on.

The Device is scheduled to take place on June 6th at 2 p.m. ET which is a Saturday, so expect the game to be full of players waiting to see what's happening. Details on where players should go to see everything haven't been shared yet, but like other events, players were asked to get there around 30 minutes early so that they can see what's happening since "space is limited."


Some leaks and datamines from before have tried to pinpoint exactly what'll happen during an event of this size. There've been talks of a Doomsday Device as it's being built within the game, but it's unclear what the result of it all will be.

Be sure to tune into that Fortnite event on June 6th to make sure you're there to witness what happens, and expect Chapter 2 Season 3 of the game to start on June 11th.