Fortnite Reveals Chapter 4 Season 2 Attack on Titan Skin

Fortnite's rumored Attack on Titan collaboration for Chapter 4 Season 2 has finally been confirmed with Epic Games revealing this week our first look at the debut skin from that crossover. Set amid a backdrop of a vibrant cityscape, we see what appears to be a skin for Eren Yeager, the first character who was rumored to be part of the Fortnite collab. While that teaser has only offered us a glimpse of this skin, a leak that followed shortly afterwards gave us a better idea of what this skin would look like as well as word of at least two more outfits.

But before we get to that, you can see the first official Fortnite x Attack on Titan teaser below courtesy of the Fortnite Twitter account. The character, presumably Eren, has their back turned, but the jacket and the gear are a dead giveaway as to what this is about.

Not long after that teaser surfaced, Twitter user and Fortnite insider HYPEX tweeted out our first look at what the skin will look like when we see it in the store. Fittingly enough, it looks like the skin will adopt the same sort of anime stylings that we've seen Fortnite use in the past for similar cosmetics.

Based on that image, it also appears that we'll get a couple of other cosmetics associated with Eren including but not limited to a pickaxe and a weapon wrap. A follow-up tweet from HYPEX also confirmed that we're getting at least two more skins like this since the insider committed to revealing looks at the in-game versions of those skins, but only after Epic Games has already confirmed their existence first.

Those other skins haven't been revealed just yet, but one would have to assume that at least one of them will be an actual transformed Titan for players to play as instead of just Eren and his pals. Given that there are additional cosmetics associated with this one skin, we can probably expect more than just those, too, as well as some bundle options that group the Attack on Titan cosmetics together. 

The new Fortnite season will begin on March 10th, so expect to see this Attack on Titan collaboration going live soon after Chapter 4 Season 2 gets underway.